Upcoming Residencies

Russell Prather

March 7 – May 1, 2021


Russell Prather plans to conceive, design and fabricate four new hanging pieces, based on the forms and objects that he discovers in Jemez Springs and environs. These pieces will be incorporated into a traveling solo exhibition of new work called “And the Heart is Pleased by One Thing After Another”. The artist will begin the residency by exploring the Jemez Springs area and spending time with the people there.

Community Engagement-

Open Studio/Exhibition; The studio will be open during designated times and days on a weekly basis (possibly Saturday or Sunday) to members of the community to visit and talk about the art-making process, inspirations and goals of the residency. The open studio will culminate near the end of the residency with completed work installed and a reception at Mission Street Arts. Artist Talk and Workshop (Possibly to take place at the Jemez Springs Public Library) The artist will present a slide presentation on their creative practice, talk about how their work has evolved and specifically the use of transparency, layering and interactivity. A follow-up hands-on workshop, open to the public, might then focus on working with transparent and translucent media, and different strategies for layering these sorts of materials.

Hayden Harasta

May 6 – May 16, 2021


Hayden Harasta will be in residence working on a large series of interactive synthesizer sculptures, some will take the shapes of humans, tentacles, and more. The final creations will be imerservise and interactive with buttons, sensors, knobs, and switches that can be tuned and adjusted by visitors. Installation location and dates to be determined.

Hayden Harasta started making synthesizers 10 years ago out of a warehouse in Philadelphia, focusing on creating one of a kind performance controllers, and producing a large amount of portable pocket synthesizers that anyone could play. He has created unique controllers for Moon Bounce, Animal Collective, Xiu Xiu and other performance groups.

Hayden Harasta will conduct a workshop with community members to create small versions of the show itself, such as personal pocket synthesizers that are played by casting shadows. Dates, time, and location will be determined.