Upcoming Residencies

181 Collective

October 2-9, 2020

Situational Composition: Friday, October 9th
beginning at twilight and winding throughout Jemez Springs (a parade of sorts)

Tilde: At The Coming of Night



181 Collective is made up of Brandon Boan, Abby Donovan, Tom Hughes, and Jason Rhodes.  These artists will be in residence from October 2nd through October 9th at the Mission Street Arts studios.  Over the course of the residency the collective will sketch together, collect, and build, all with an eye toward a “one night only!” situational composition.  This performative event will be free to the public and will take place on Friday October 9th beginning at twilight and winding throughout Jemez Springs (a parade of sorts).  Various special guest artists from across the country will also participate via the internet including Brittany De Nigris, Aaron K. Hoffer, Mike Marks, Phil McGaughy, Joe Netta, Mike Roche, Charlotte Thurman, and Jacob Zimmerman. Many elements of the event can be viewed from a distance and online.  Covid-19 safety guidelines will be enforced.

Installation view Herrick Cave in Lake County, OR

As a collective, the 181 is interested in creating situations that generate experiential spaces which expand, contract, or reassemble as information sloshes about.  They attempt imperfect approximations of the universe as a whole.  The members of the collective can be described as a physicist/electronic engineer/musician, a mushroom forager/rockhound, and a linotype operator—any attempts to formalize their practice they view with distress.

The 181 Collective have been working together since 2007 when they found themselves gathered by the Pacific Ocean with a glim glam golden Q, roughly 10 yards of transparent lavender vinyl, and a broken hold on the sea’s reflection.  Since then they have gathered and appeared in places like the Arthur Craven Foundation, Milan, Italy; Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden; LPM, Rome, Italy; SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA; an alley in Eugene, OR; the ICA Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; transmissions beamed from Maine to Sao Paulo, Brazil; the National Centre for Contemporary Art, St Petersburg, Russia; Slingshot Festival, Athens, GA; Herrick Cave in Lake County, OR; High Desert Test Sites HQ at the Sky Village Swap Meet, Yucca Valley, CA; and upcoming in spring 2021 at Locust Projects, Miami, FL.

Daniela Molnar

October 15th through November 15, 2020


Daniela Molnar will use this time at Mission Street Arts to recalibrate, reflect, and explore while expanding on three existing projects.

The New Earth Series This project was recently the topic of a front-page feature in the Los Angeles Times www.latimes.com.  This series envisions how climate change is reshaping our planet and our embodied experience of it.

The Topography of Water/WEB series. The special relationship of Jemez Springs to water will no doubt have a wonderful impact on this series, which explores local pigments and materials, using the waters, rocks, and plants of a particular place to meditate on the ever-changing nature of riparian systems and oceanic systems.

Words in Place Projectwordsinplace.org  This collaborative project activates public spaces with temporary artistic installations of poems referencing those spaces.

New Earth 16
Topography Detail 6

Molnar has her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry (pending), from Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, North Carolina.  She graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz, CA with a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Illustration and has a BA in Environmental Studies and Art, from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. She continues her studies at the School of Visual Arts (NY) and Pratt Institute (NY).

Community Engagement-

Words in Place – Daniela Molnar hopes to further develop this project by collaborating with local poets in Jemez Springs. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Russell Prather

March 7 –May 1, 2021


Russell Prather plans to conceive, design and fabricate four new hanging pieces, based on the forms and objects that he discovers in Jemez Springs and environs. These pieces will be incorporated into a traveling solo exhibition of new work called “And the Heart is Pleased by One Thing After Another”. The artist will begin the residency by exploring the Jemez Springs area and spending time with the people there.

Community Engagement-

Open Studio/Exhibition; The studio will be open during designated times and days on a weekly basis (possibly Saturday or Sunday) to members of the community to visit and talk about the art-making process, inspirations and goals of the residency. The open studio will culminate near the end of the residency with completed work installed and a reception at Mission Street Arts. Artist Talk and Workshop (Possibly to take place at the Jemez Springs Public Library) The artist will present a slide presentation on their creative practice, talk about how their work has evolved and specifically the use of transparency, layering and interactivity. A follow-up hands-on workshop, open to the public, might then focus on working with transparent and translucent media, and different strategies for layering these sorts of materials.