Upcoming Residencies

Russell Prather

June 18 – July 30, 2021


Russell Prather plans to conceive, design and fabricate four new hanging pieces, based on the forms and objects that he discovers in Jemez Springs and environs. These pieces will be incorporated into a traveling solo exhibition of new work called “And the Heart is Pleased by One Thing After Another”. The artist will begin the residency by exploring the Jemez Springs area and spending time with the people there. A workshop exploring his process will be shared with the community.  Dates, time, and location will be determined.

Jim Gladstone

September 13 – October 6, 2021


Jim Gladstone, a writer living in San Francisco, will shift gears while in residence to focus on his manuscript, titled “FeatherHood”.  Some of the topics related to his work are: “What are similarities and differences in the relationship between artists and their art and the relationship between parents and their children?,  what cartoon characters have had the biggest impact on your life, and what important objects or activities from your life are unfamiliar or strange to people a generation or two younger than you?”. The community outreach aspect of the residency will be a series of interactive, evening gatherings, during each of which the artist would give a brief presentation of one of the ideas he is  exploring in this novel and then facilitate discussion and personal storytelling around the topic with attendees. Dates, time, and location will be determined.