Upcoming Residencies

Season 2022

Brandi Homan


May 21-29, 2022

Community Engagement- Saturday, May 28 from 11:30-1pm, Writing workshop at the Jemez Springs Public Library

Brandi Homan is an award- winning novelist and poet. Homan has a PhD in English, Literature & Creative Writing (Fiction), from the University of Denver and an MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. For “Burn Fortune”, her first novel, she is the winner of the 2020 Colorado Book Award for Literary Fiction.

While in residence at Mission Street Arts, Homan will be working on her second novel, “You Are Not The Problem Here”.

On Saturday, May 28 from 11:30-1pm at the Jemez Springs Public Library, Homan will run a writing workshop and incorporate readings from her work.

Juan Negroni


June 19 – July 9, 2022

Community Engagement- Large Scale Outdoor Art Installation Located on the truck outside Los Ojos

Juan Negroni is a Caribbean artist producing work in the United States. Negroni’s objective has been to use his practice to talk to others, establish dialogs and respond to questions about socio-political issues, folklore, geography and other subjects related to Puerto Rico and its history.

Negroni’s work has been strongly dependent on a colorful imagery often related to the Caribbean and cultures deviated/influenced by Africa. At Mission Street Arts he plans to re-evaluate the use of color and its role within his practice, establish new conversations and find other vanishing points to outline the conceptualization of his work. 

Negroni will create a vibrant Large Scale Outdoor Art Installation on the 18 wheeler in the parking lot of Los Ojos Restaurant and Saloon in Jemez Springs.

Linda D’Elia and Emily Devine

July 10- 16, 2022

Community Engagement- Saturday, July 16 from 11:30-1pm, Collaborative painting workshop at the Jemez Springs Public Library

Linda D’Elia and Emily Devine, a mother daughter artist team, propose to gather images and information about the natural world around Jemez Springs, and collaborate their painting and photography skills to create new artwork about the environment in their residency.

D’Elia is a painter who is currently exploring the natural world in her home state of South Carolina through outdoor observation, photographs, and studio work.

Devine is a multi-disciplinary artist from Nevada, with experience in graphic design, painting, photography, sculpture, and textile work.

D’Elia and Devine will teach a class entitled “Two Heads are Better than One“. This collaborative painting workshop will be held Saturday, July 16 from 11:30-1pm at the Jemez Springs Public Library. The duo invites community members to sign up in pairs and the artists will introduce a collaborative painting technique.

D’Elia will demonstrate how to paint a loose landscape, based on one of D’Elia’s photographs.  Then, Devine will demonstrate how to add her own touches to D’Elia’s piece. Participants will be encouraged to each paint their own art, and then to switch canvases and continue painting on the partner’s canvas.

Saya Moriyasu and Jeff McGrath



September 19 – October 2, 2022

Community Engagement- Saturday, October 1 from 11:30-1pm, Sumi ink painting workshop by Saya Moriyasu, and sharing of new music projects by Jeff McGrath at the Jemez Springs Public Library

Saya Moriyasu paintings, drawings and sculptures are comprised of a mix of media ranging from ceramics to sumi ink. Moriyasu received her BFA from the University of Washington and is represented by the J.Rinehart Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff McGrath is a musician, composer and artist. McGrath’s main instruments are piano, guitar and trumpet, but McGrath has also studied sitar, tablas, banjo, mandolin and drums.

Moriyasu and McGrath, while at Mission Street Arts, plan on collaborating by generating art in the shared studio space. Moriyasu plans on making works on paper with inks, watercolors and oil paints. McGrath will concentrate on composition and create a song book while in residence.

Moriyasu will lead a Sumi ink painting workshop and McGrath will share new compositions at the Jemez Springs Public Library on Saturday, October 1 from 11:30-1pm.

Sophie Anne Edwards


October 13 – 31, 2022

Community Engagement- Saturday, October 29th from 11:30-1pm, Creative Walk and Talk Beginning at the Jemez Springs Public Library

Sophie Anne Edwards is a geographer, geopoet, walker, and environmental artist who lives on Mnidoo Mnising|Manitoulin Island, Anishinaabeg a territory in northeastern Ontario, Canada. She has an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, a PhD(ABD) from Queen’s University (Canada), and a Certificate in Creative Writing (Humber College).

Edwards, as the founding artistic/executive director of
4elements Living Arts, has designed and curated numerous ecological/land-based projects including the Connections Trail which won an Ontario Lieutenant Governor award for cultural landscape heritage preservation, the Drawing Box project, the Bonnie Blink land use history research project (in collaboration with Queen’s University Geography), River School (the Art + Science of River Ecology), and Elemental Festival(multidisciplinary site-specific work).

Edwards’ intent, while at Mission Street Arts, will be to enrich her co-creation with aquatic ecosystems and create works (drawings, poems, prints) in response to Jemez Springs. During Edwards’ time at MSA she will be collaborating with Minera Press based in Albuquerque.

Edwards’ says, “Together we’ll listen to the river, and explore the limits and languages of engagement with an aquatic ecosystem”.

Edwards will lead a creative community walk and talk on Saturday, October 29 from 11:30-1pm. She will talk about her project and share works in progress (poetry, drawing, installation).

Season 2023

Soulaf Abas


June 9- 23, 2023

Community Engagement- Interactive Talk Saturday, June 17 from 11:30-1pm at the Jemez Springs Public Library and Open Studio Sunday, June 18 from 11:30-1pm at Mission Street Arts

Soulaf Abas was born in Damascus, Syria. After receiving her undergraduate degree in painting she returned to Syria where she began to document the destruction she witnessed in her work. Abas received her Master of Fine Arts in painting from Indiana State University in 2013 and currently lives and works in Terre Haute, Indiana where she teaches art at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

Abas, while in residence at Mission Street Arts, will create paintings, pastels, and watercolors that explore the subject of “Loss”. Abas explains, “traumatic experiences can change us in undetectable ways, and grief can alter our outlook on life. Art is a powerful tool to navigate these experiences and to process them.”

Abas will conduct an artist talk on Saturday, June 17 from 11:30-1pm at the Jemez Springs Public Library and have an open studio to view the new work created while in residence on Sunday, June 18 from 11:30-1pm at Mission Street Arts.